What's your Favorite Pass Time??
Surfing || Basketball
What's your Favorite Scary Movie?? 
the Notebook
Who would you say is your role Model in Life?? 
Jim Carrey
What's your Favorite Ice Cream??
French toast is what I eat when I go through a breakup..
Are you Easily Amused??
Is that a Butterfly?!? Nope that's a Moth.. Wait WTF! that's a Moth?!?
Who's your favorite super hero??
Quail Man..
Where's your Happy Place??
In the Barrel ..........
Have you ever been convicted of a Crime??
If being Radical is a Crime, I'm Sooo Guilty.
How long have you been on this earth??
They tell me 27 years but I lost a few after 21..
Who let the Dogs out??
Still trynna figure that one out myself..
Do you ever read books??
I watch the DVD's
How has someone positively contributed to your life??
I was an accident, thanks mom!
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