NAME:  Haz-Matt

ON-AIR:  Mon-Fri 3-7pm, Sat 12-5pm

HOMETOWN:  All over the Pacific Northwest, but I'll claim Seattle.

BIO: Where to start? I was born at an early age; which is a joke I heard on "The Smurfs."  Not that crappy new movie version or its sequel, but rather the crappy original TV cartoon show.  Don't argue with me on this, MANY things from childhood don't hold up.  Just look at Santa.


I've always loved telling stories and getting a reaction from people.  As far back as I remember, I've been obsessed with comedy, movies, books, TV, comic books, games, and radio.  Thankfully, I have the skills to work in such creative fields since I can't find a nice enough suit that fits me and would let me get one of those well-paying office jobs I've heard so much about.


I first started working for KPOI on Cinco de Mayo of 2001 and I still have a hard time believing it when people say they listen to my show.  Thank you, if you do, it's amazingly flattering.


These days, I write, game, and read as much as possible - I've also been known to take the stage a time or two to tell jokes.  Sometimes I even work!  If you're not sick of me from my on-air show, you can here me more on my podcasts and read my articles that can be found through my website:




Leader of Men, Shepard of the Nerdfolk

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