Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Apr 16, 2014 -- 12:09am

It’s Wrong Wrong Wednesday and I’ve got No Doubt that you’ll like this morning’s mondegreen.  

Like I said, “No Doubt” has got this one covered.  Check it out below:


You know, back then, Gwen Stefani was already a pretty big deal. She could date whoever she wanted but she’s trying to keep it simple. She’s not high maintenance. She doesn’t want diamonds or fur coats. All she wants is a simple Cadillac. Is that asking too much?  Hmm wait.  Maybe it was she wants a simple kind of life.  Oh well.  Completely different but both fit, right?


Smartphones are getting smarter in the rear is what you could say is the latest in phone technology. Droid phone manufacturers are coming up with plans for all that unused real estate on the back of your phone - like a permanent display for battery, time and weather and also options to mute your phone and other basic call functions. In other words … if you thought it was easy to butt dial before, it’s gonna be nearly impossible NOT to butt dial with controls on both sides of your phone … you just can’t win. Read the whole story [here].

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