Monday, April 14, 2014

Apr 14, 2014 -- 12:40am

Find out what rocked in the box office this weekend in my KPOI Hotbox … and speaking of movies, I’ll be giving away a Transcendence movie prize pack - including passes to see Transcendence in theaters, a poster, cup, t-shirts and pens … all that is yours if you win at 7:40 this morning!

And you know it’s prom season … so if this trend catches on, we’ll all be able to add some poultry to our proms.  A KFC in Louisville, Kentucky is selling a chicken drumstick corsage.  That’s right guys, for just $20 your date could wear a drumstick on her wrist in any of the 3 KFC styles: Extra Crispy, Kentucky Grilled Chicken or Original Recipe - whichever best matches her dress. Finally, a reason to slow dance, right? Get her on the dance floor, you put your hand around her waist. she puts her  corsage hand on your shoulder… and then you can start taking bites of chicken. Keep your energy up. Maybe they can look into a boutonnière that squirts gravy and then we’re all set.  Read the whole story [here].

Last week, we were giving Kodak a hard time about nobody printing pictures anymore but believe it or not, according to a recent study reported in the Belsfast Telegraph, people are starting to print out their pictures again, thanks to selfies. If you’re too embarrassed to ask your kids what a selfie is, I’ll explain it to you, because I already looked it up. A selfie is a photo that you take of yourself … usually done with your smartphone.

I believe it too, because when it comes to selfies on apps like Instagram, they are usually of yourself when you’ are looking hot, or with your friends who are looking hot and you therefore are trying to look hot by association or sometimes with a celebrity so why not print those suckers out, right?

By the way, there should be some type of law for people that post photos of their food. For every 10 pictures you post of your food, you have to legally print one out. And it can’t be small wallet size … it’s gotta be 8x10, you know the largest size in your school picture packets that your mom would order? Big ol’ plate of chicken katsu. Read the story [here].


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