Thursday, April 10, 2014

Apr 10, 2014 -- 12:18am

Giving away another pair of tickets to the Car and Bike Show at the Aloha Stadium happening this Saturday, April 12th, and of course like every Thursday, helping one of you find love … check out KPOI’s Missed Connection below:

[Here] is the actual ad.  And below, is it’s contents:

blue hair at kawaii kon - m4w - 25 (kawaii kon)

I saw you and asked you wherr to get a 2 day pass. u are short beautiful smile and had blue hair. I should have said more when I first saw u. I would love to get to kno u better or atleast just chat as friends. I hope this find this. if so tell what kinda shirt I yad on

Okay, first I think you need to be more specific. Looking for a short girl with blue at a cosplay convention is like saying I’m looking for a guy with a goatee at a Smash Mouth concert. They’re everywhere. AND let’s not forget about what could be under the wig. What if she has a bright red mohawk underneath… or a bald Sinead O’Conner type of thing going on? Still wanna meet up with her for some late-night Dungeons and Dragons? I’m just making sure you’ve thought this through. But then again, who thinks things through when it comes to love, right? Foolish decisions keeps love in business.  So, if you were on of the 300 blue-haired girls at Kawaii-Kon, your love awaits… on Craigslist.

In strange news, there’s a lawsuit going on right now against a nursing home for an unwanted performance by a male stripper. The son of one of the female residents found a photograph of a male stripper gyrating in front of her. The elderly woman says she was confused and bewildered as to why a muscular, almost nude man, was approaching her and placing his body and limbs, over [her],” says the lawsuit.

In this story, I feel bad for the stripper. That must’ve been lousy tips.  I bet when he emptied his tights, he had a few bingo cards, poker chips,  maybe a coupon.  And if he did get tips, there must be some disappointed grandchildren this year. Sorry, no $5 check from Grandma this year… she spent it all on strippers. You know how it is. Read the whole story [here].

How’d you like to work 6 hrs a day instead of 8? That’s what’s happening in a city in Sweden. They have adopted the 6-hr work day in an attempt to cut down on sick leave, boost efficiency, and ultimately save Sweden money.  Hopefully it’s successful and the trend catches on. I’d love to see that here in Hawaii. Not because we get to work less or boost efficiency but that might help reduce traffic. If companies stagger their start times, we might not all be trying to cram through the bottlenecks at the same time every morning.  But don’t worry, I’ll keep my same hours. Who else is gonna crack lame jokes for you every morning? Read the rest of the story [here].

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