Friday, April 4, 2014

Apr 04, 2014 -- 12:09am

It’s Friday so you know that it means movies hit the big screen today - find out what those titles are in this morning’s Friday Flicks.  And this weekend you can also attend the Hawaiian Ocean Expo plus four guests, if you listen at win at 7:40, because I’ll be giving away the last five pack of tickets away to the Hawaiian Ocean Expo 2014 at the Blaisdell Exhibition Hall happening tomorrow and Sunday.

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So I guess ninja turtles aren’t the only ones climbing in and out of storm drains. A teenage girl in England was found stuck in a drain this week as she attempted to retrieve her iPhone that she dropped while talking to a friend.

When firefighters came to rescue her, they were surprised that she was more concerned about her cell phone back than getting herself out of the drain. I don’t blame her. She probably didn’t have insurance on the phone and so a new one would cost, what … $400? Maybe $500? You can get it cheaper but you’d have to sign up for another contract and be locked in for years. that’s where I am right now. I hate my carrier but I can’t afford to leave them.

Also, let’s not forget that she was on the phone when she dropped it and so if that friend doesn’t hang up, think of all those minutes she’ll be charged for. Yeah, you jump into that drain, girlfriend.  Read the whole story [here].

If you’re a fan of the musical “Grease,” you might wanna start booking your trip to Vegas. Olivia Newton-John arrived in Vegas this week for her new residency at The Flamingo. At her press conference, she was awarded the key to the city and fans were excited because at first they thought she was dressed entirely in leather, just like she was at the end of Grease. But it turned out it was just her own skin. She was wearing a bikini.  Yup, it gets hot in Vegas. And she’s a cougar … these types of mix-ups happen. If you’re a cougar and was offended by this last story, I apologize … I thought you had thicker skin. Oooohhh, double-whammy. Read the whole story [here].


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