Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mar 26, 2014 -- 11:36pm

I’ve got a $100 gift card to brand spankin’ new H&M Waikiki - I’ll be giving it away in my 7:40 am hashstash, so make sure to listen up!  And it’s Thursday so I’ll be helping one of you find love in KPOI’s Missed Connection.

So again, like every week, this is for an actual person on Oahu … this time coming from Central Oahu.  [Here] is the actual ad.  

And below is what it states:

Girl holding "it could always be worst sign" - m4w - 27 (Wahiawa)

You were holding the sign at the light last week around noon. I was sitting passenger in a friends car as we passed. I read your sign and laughed. I also thought you shouldve been in the car with us. You had cool colorful hair and shades on.

If you read this lets chat...

First off, I’m wondering if you were laughing at her grammar. It’s supposed to be “it could always be worse … not worst.” And… if she was holding that sign, I’m guessing she was begging for change? Maybe you should drive by that intersection again, drop off a spam musubi and start a conversation.  Girl with colorful hair and shades on, if you’re also looking for love, put down that sign for a second and reply to this guy on craigslist.

And listen up kids, there’s a new record for the most girl scout cookies sold … and it wasn’t in Colorado where something green recently became legal. The record holder is actually a sixth grader from Oklahoma City. Total box count was 18,107  which only beats the previous record by a little over a hundred boxes. Talk about winning by a thin mint.  Read the whole story [here].

(credit: Minnesota State Patrol)

“Go big or go home” was probably what a drunk Minnesota man was thinking when recently caught driving a giant piece of construction equipment down a sidewalk. It was one of those Caterpillar excavators. Yes, his blood alcohol was twice the legal limit. Read the whole story [here].


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