Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Nov 27, 2013 -- 1:05am

KPOI is giving away a pair of tickets to the 3rd annual Rock Against Cancer benefit concert featuring Everclear. If you wanna win those tickets, be sure to listen at 7:20 for the Everclear Word of the Day. Then, in my 7:40 am Hashstash I’ll be giving away another ticket for two general admissions to Sea Life Park.   Then of course it’s Wrong Wrong Wednesday but we’re celebrating Thanksgiving a little early with some Champagne … Champagne Supernova, that is.  I’ll be educating you on some Oasis misheard lyrics in Wrong Wrong Wednesday below:




Think about it… you have too much Champagne, who knows what you’ll go to bed with. And when you wake up maybe it’s a blow up doll. Don’t be ashamed, you were drunk, you didn’t know the difference. Either way, you’re still hung chow so you don’t know she’s fake, so you start asking her questions … like why?  



Residents in Holly Township, Michigan are giving thanks a little early due to a wandering Llama that was finally caught after wandering through their neighborhoods for 6 months. Now, I’m no Llama expert, I think we only have two on this island… they’re both at the zoo and they’ll both spit at you if you get too close. But I think 6 months is a little too long to catch a Llama. Have any of them watched Napoleon Dynamite? Just leave out some ham and tuna casserole.



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