Friday, November 8, 2013

Nov 08, 2013 -- 1:45am

It’s Friday and you know what that means - lots of movies are hitting the theaters today.  Listen up this morning to hear which films are joining Thor:  The Dark World, in theaters.  And of course, be near you radio at 7:05 for the Matchbox 20 word of the day.  At 7:40 this morning, I’m giving away the last pair of tickets to see Los Lobos at Crossroads, at Hawaiian Brian’s on Thursday, November 21st.  Heck, you just may want to stick around all morning, because around 9 am, I’ll be giving you a major concert announcement!  No hints … you need to listen!

If you thought there’s probably a Hall of Fame for everything… you’re right.  The rubber ducky and the game known as chess were inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame this week.  I swear, this is a real thing, you can check it out at

There are currently 53 toys in the hall of fame, including the jump rope, playing cards, Scrabble and the stick. Doesn’t the stick also belong to the hall of fame of things we got beat with when we were kids?  Along with the belt, the rice paddle and the rubbah slippah.  The stick… dual purpose, that’s for sure.  

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