Thursday, November 7, 2013

Nov 07, 2013 -- 12:52am

As we kick off another week of pro football … I have a fantasy football expert coming in to give some tips in case you wanna make any last minute changes to your line-up … so make sure you listen up for that this morning.  And in my hashstash at 7:40 this morning, I’m still giving away those tickets to see Los Lobos at Crossroads, at Hawaiian Brian’s on Thursday, November 21st.  

That’s not all - KPOI is hooking you up with tickets to the sold out Matchbox 20 show - I’ll be giving you today’s Matchword at 7:05 - lots going on, lots of chances to win so make sure you listen!





Have you ever fallen asleep at the wheel? It’s incredibly dangerous… when it happened to me, I plowed into a road sign. Back then I thought I was lucky for that … but a driver in Dallas  this week was reeeaaalllly lucky. She fell asleep at the wheel and her pickup truck crashed into a mattress store. That sounds like something straight out of a Bugs Bunny Cartoon but it’s true. I suppose the driver isn’t that lucky though, I’m sure her airbag still deployed … and that thing hurts. Don’t fall asleep at the wheel … maybe try some of that five-hour energy. Are they a sponsor for this show? They should be, I know some of you are headed home after graveyard shifts. In any case, if you wanna read more on what happened to this driver, read it all [here].


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