Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Nov 06, 2013 -- 12:19am

Now I’m sure you all Evanesence fans think you know all the lyrics by heart to their songs, but maybe you’ve been singing along wrong this whole time!  Find out in today’s Wrong Wrong Wednesday Mondegreen in just a little bit.

First though make sure you’re listening at 7:40 this morning, because I’m giving away a pair of tickets to see Los Lobos at Crossroads, at Hawaiian Brian’s on Thursday, November 21st.  Listen and win!

Now for that promised mondegreen - this Evanescence song was made popular after being on the “Daredevil” movie soundtrack.  





So why was a butt bit to run?  Shucks.  Or .. wait maybe it was that it is “bid my blood to run.”  Oh well.  Sounds somewhat the same, right?  


Folks in London are developing a fear of bananas. Here’s why. A woman over there bought some bananas that contained a nest of deadly South American spiders. When returning the fruit to the supermarket, they kindly offered her a $15 voucher for dealing with the deadly spiders. Yeah… $15 ain’t gonna cut it. They have now paid $4,500 to fumigate the woman’s home and pay for her hotel stay. I’m thinking we’re safe. Here in Hawaii we can grow our own bananas but I figured you’d find that story somewhat A-PEEL-ING! Get it? Banana peel? Sorry, I’ll go sit in the corner for a bit.  Read more [here] in case you missed it.

And yesterday, a pedestrian found a live snake on a Chinatown sidewalk yesterday and turned it in to police. The two-and-a-half foot long snake was later identified as a non-venomous rainbow boa constrictor. It was actually not too far from our studio - The snake was found on the sidewalk on Nuuanu Ave. fronting the Kukui Plaza condominium. Lucky for the snake - because if it were found a few blocks over, there’s a good chance it would’ve been thrown into someone’s soup. That’s not racist, by the way. I’ve seen it on the travel channel - snake soup in Hong Kong. Google it.  But for pictures of the snake, click [here].

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