Monday, November 4, 2013

Nov 04, 2013 -- 1:06am

So there were a lot of heavy hitters in theaters over the weekend, we’ll find out if Bad Grandpa was able to keep them off the lawn for that #1 box office spot in the KPOI Hotbox.  And at 7:40, I’m giving away a pair of tickets to see Los Lobos at Crossroads, at Hawaiian Brian’s on Thursday, November 21st.  Listen and win!


And remember how the world came crashing down the moment we heard about Ben Affleck playing Batman in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman film? Well it seems Warner Bros is trying to revive some interest and support for the film by adding Wonder Woman to the mix. We have nothing but rumors to go on at the moment but right now it looks like it’s gonna be Jaimie Alexander - currently in Thor: The Dark World. I haven’t seen Lynda Carter in a while but I’m hoping they could give her a role somewhere in there. What would be so wrong about having Wonder Woman as a cougar, right? Give the lasso back to Lynda Carter! There’s gotta be a facebook page dedicated to that by now. If not, hit us up on or 296-1059 to let us know who you wanna see as the next Wonder Woman?

Over the weekend - A small alligator was found under an escalator at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. That’s right … not Florida … where they're found behind every trash can … Chicago. The alligator is being held until it can get an all clear before being released to an alligator farm. I wonder how it got past TSA … no shoes, probably. Not carrying any liquids., that probably helped too. By the way, do you remember that 1980 film, Alligator? I use that film as a basis for all of my alligator knowledge. They do live in the sewer, right? Don’t even get me started on Alligator II: The Mutation… you wont even wanna go to the bathroom after seeing that one.   Read more [here] in case you missed it.

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