Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sep 19, 2013 -- 12:24am

It’s Throwback Thursday! Find out which throwback I’m bringing back this week and decide if you wanna leave it in the past where it belongs, or if you miss it dearly and want it back.  First, have you won your passes yet?  What passes you say?  All week long, I”m giving away two passes to the advance screening of “Rush” (based on a true story) starring Chris Hemsworth, happening on Wednesday, September 25 at Consolidated Ward Theatres, along with a brand new exclusive KPOI t-shirt!

Now for that Throwback … after the return of Coke Classic in the 80’s, there was just one pop culture icon to urge us to drink New Coke. He wore way too much makeup, but we loved him. Does the guy below look famililar?

Yup, it's the world's first computer-generated TV host...Max Headroom!  His show blew up in the UK and then like most successful things over there, it eventually caught on in the US. He actually wasn’t  computer generated. Because… well it was the 80s… we were still playing 8-bit video games… stunning graphics were still a ways off. Instead, Matt frewer, the actor who played Max  had to sit through 4 and a half hrs of prosthetic make-up and wore a fiberglass mold to look like a suit. I gotta say though, the guy looked cool. Enough to convince me to drink New Coke, anyway. He was their spokesman for a bit. What ever happened to New Coke anyway? We’ll have to save that one for another week. For now, let’s throw Max Headroom back into the past where he belongs. Th-th-th-th-throwback Thursday… you’re welcome.

And what happens when you mix a vibrator with a GPS device?  You’ve got the Travel Belt.  You know, kinda like shock collars that people put on their dogs.  Hmm. Well, read more [here] in case you missed it this morning.

And yesterday, a petition started making its way around the internet, demanding that the band GWAR plays the Superbowl Halftime show.  See story [here].  Not for 2014 gang, we are not about to kick out Bruno Mars, but for 2015.  Check out a link to the online petition on our wall on our KPOI Facebook Page.


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