Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sep 05, 2013 -- 12:40am

It’s Throwback Thursday!  In just a little bit I’ll take you back to something that you either 1) will wanna keep in the past where it belongs or 2) wanna bring back.  Find out shortly.  First, make sure you play my hashstash at 7:40 this morning, so you can win a $25 gift certificate to Jose’s Mexican Cafe and Cantina!  

Now for that Throwback.  He’s about six feet tall, red, and has a tendency to break through walls.  Yea, I’m talking about the Kool-Aid man!   He retired in 1994, but I KNOW you remember this creepy dude.  Let’s keep him in the past, where he belongs.

And no, this morning’s weird story is not something out of hte movies.  Believe it or not, there is a building in London that has been melting cars and setting shops on fire.  Read more [here] in case you missed it.

And get ready to pick your faves!  Dancing with the Stars, Season 17, has officially released their cast.  Remember Jessie from Saved By the Bell?  Well that’s just one of the interesting picks for this season’s stars.  Catch the whole list [here] in case you missed it this morning.  


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