Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sep 04, 2013 -- 12:00am

Good morning!  It’s Wednesday already, which means we’re tackling some lyrical knowledge coming up in a just a little bit.  First, make sure you listen this morning at 7:40, where I’ll be giving away $25 to Jose’s Mexican Cafe and Cantina on Koko Head Avenue!  

Now that Wrong Wrong Wednesday mondegreen I promised … I’m sure you think you know all of Nirvana’s lyrics, but let’s see how well you remember them in this morning’s pick below:



So what EXACTLY is he talking about - a lion, a vinyl, a Skittle and a Beatle?  Oh.  Wait.  Maybe those weren’t the lyrics.  Or were they?

And the award for the creepiest collector … goes to a 33-year old Singapore man.  Wanna know why?  Click [here] to read more in case you missed my story this morning …

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