Thursday, July 18, 2013

Jul 17, 2013 -- 11:31pm

Still giving away passes to the Ward Consolidated Theaters Hana Hou Picture Show screening of Fight Club. Giving those away those bad boys in this morning’s KPOI Hashstash at 7:40 … and of course, KPOI is making your summer hotter than hell by sending you to Vegas to rock out to Motley Crue live at the The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino plus a pre-show meet & greet with the band. Today you could be qualifying .... at 7:20 this morning, I’ll be letting you know when we’ll be playing the Motley Crue winning sound.

And of course since it’s Thursday you know what that means - Throwback Thursdays!  Those things that went back to the 20’s and 30’s but got revived in the 90’s … yep … POGS!  Remember these?

And this morning, you heard me talk about a new dessert - a hybrid one that is driving people crazy in New York.  Croissant + donut = Frozen S’More aka Cronut.  Yes … you’re reading that right.  Below is a picture of this evil dessert.

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